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  • GDPR - How can Salesforce help you achieve compliance?
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    • June 2020
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The General Data Protection Regulation (aka GDPR) is celebrating its second anniversary. A lot has changed since the launch of these new privacy rules—the world is certainly in a different place today.
Watch the replay of our free webinar to discover the role that data protection plays in our daily activities.

Jorge García Peinador

Leo Ortega


Leo is a Managing Partner of Gravitai, a Marketing Cloud and CDP consultancy based in the UK. He is responsible for expanding the reach of Gravitai via clients, partnerships and alliances, and works very closely with Salesforce as well.

In fact, Leo is a Marketing Cloud consultant himself and he’s been involved in a variety of projects related to marketing automation and data protection in several industries and markets. Prior to joining Gravitai, he held management roles at tech firms such as Oracle, Cisco, and Dell, across Mexico, Spain, and the UK.


  • What is the GDPR again?
  • How can Salesforce support you to accelerate compliance
  • Tips to help you on your GDPR journey (without breaking the bank)      
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