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    • April 2020
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How do you bring together the best technology to meet your customers requirements and the best tool to analyze your organization’s data?
Discover Tableau and learn how to explore and analyse data in seconds.

Watch our online session conducted by Pablo Sáez de Tejada and discover how to apply the most advanced Business Intelligence platform in the market. Tableau can help you achieve your business goals faster than ever.

Forget about static and boring dashboards: Tableau enables you to combine different data sources and simplify them into understandable and dynamic formats to leverage decision making.

Jorge García Peinador

Pablo Sáenz de Tejada


Pablo is Managing Partner at The Information Lab Spain, Tableau Public Ambassador and a certified trainer. The Information Lab is a Tableau Partner with a clear mission: help people understand data using Tableau & Alteryx.
Previous to joining The Information Lab Spain, Pablo was part of The Information Lab UK team as a Data Analyst since 2015. Pablo began his career in the field of Sociology and has spent 10 years working as a data analyst in Market Research.


  • Tableau Desktop: How to get real value from data using visual analysis.
  • Tableau Prep: The tool to prepare, cleanse and combine data from different data sources.
  • Tableau Online: How to share insights and reports, organise content and give access to the data across your organization.
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